Soul Path – the seminar for self healing

Soul Path is a 2 day intensive seminar that allows a minimum group of 12 persons to prepare themselves for the Sacred Seals. The cost of the seminar is of 1024$, and you will receive a Soul Fusion complete kit.

There are 4 pillars to this seminar:
– Belief
– Identity
– Energy
– Initiation

The first day will start with belief structures since it is the base for the manifestation process. We will dive into structures of how we can program the ego, our environment and our reality. We will understand how to define ourselves and how to undermine our path towards liberation of limitations.

The next section of the day will present psychological structures and archetypes so that you can pinpoint them and play the game as they react through your journey. You will understand your nature and the path of integration.

The second day will begin with energy techniques to guide and assist you during your journey. We will develop our intuition and discrimination. We will work with soul energy for physical support, emotional balancing and mental clarity.

The last part will explain in detail the process of initiation. It will offer a new perspective of how initiation works, and how to maximize the effects out of them. We will present some issues that can occur during the integration of the Sacred Seals.

The seminar will adapt itself to the group, and will provide the support from beginners to experts in the field of consciousness.

If you wish to setup a seminar, please contact us at