How it works

The Sacred Seals system creates the conscious setup for the interaction of the personality, the higher mind and the soul to work together as a unit to maximize and optimized the ascension process. It will train the persona through divine fire until Soul Fusion is acquired. From that point, you will be more authentic as a Soul and will live more from the heart.


The Soul – Higher Mind – Persona relation ship

By sitting on a printed Sacred Seal, you will activate the process of integrating the embedded frequency. You can by intension start it or stop it, and you will actually feel the vortex working on the physical matter. It is very important to respect the time for the integration to take place. The first cycle should take around an average of a month per Sacred Seal. When starting the process you should add the first grounding Sacred Seal with the first layer Sacred Seal. When the front Sacred Seal set is integrated, you can then add the second grounding Sacred Seal while you do the back Sacred Seal set. Repeat this process with the following layer Sacred Seal by add the third grounding Sacred Seal.

You can use your Sacred Seals at your desk, on a chair, in a backpack and of course while meditating. Be creative, use them for alignment, for energy, for fusion or any other permission you give to yourself.

We highly recommend to use any permission slips during this process that will help the physical, emotional and mental body. If you decide to take a brake during the process, for your own confort, one should stop at the heart or at the end of the front or back set.

You can check the front prospectus to see the first steps of the process. You can also get the Integration Sheet to help you keep track of your integration process. For a complete and broader view, you can have a look at the Soul Fusion Pamphlet with the Soul Fusion Integration sheet.


Soul Fusion Pamphlet [front]Soul Fusion Pamphlet [back]