Our Mission

We are a small group of people heading towards a new earth. We know that many exciting challenges are to come. We wish to offer one of the many ways to fast track the years to come. We have created the Soul Fusion system to allow mass Kundalini and Soul Fusion awakening. We insist by stating Kundalini and Soul Fusion since Kundalini could be used from within the Grand Illusion and Glamours of Humanity. These products are consciousness oriented, and self empowering.

From a collective perspective, in 18 months, the planet could be Kundalini awakened, and in less then 4 years, Earth would be what many calls a Sacred Planet, meaning Soul Infused. These tools are permission slips that can be accessible to anyone wishing to make the shift. If a company decided to install this program to a large group of people, it will offer itself the possibility to manifest people that are passion oriented, hence pushing it to a whole new level.

It is not our job to decide who and how and what will occur even though these tools could be seen as one of the greatest asset for the race to higher frequencies. We are simply living our passion ourselves, and offering it as a service to humanity. Before starting this integration, one should be prepared to face any physical, emotional and mental challenges. Use all possible permission slips according to your belief systems to attain your liberation.

A training is necessary before starting this process to be certain that you have all the tools you need to have a nice ride. We strongly suggest to make this shift within a community that offers proper healing and psychology. We wish you fun and love with your Soul Fusion process!